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Thursday, November 5, 2009
@ 2:37 AM
Woke up at 12.30pm as usual . play comp chatting with nana after half an hour yee chen the sor po called me up we have chat alots of things about this coming sat going to genting but she havent comfirm me yet she is going anot . too bad her modem is spoil because she dont let her sis play her comp so her sis keep hit that modem until its spoil !!! ahhhdduuhh makes me cant online with her miss her alot . hahahah kononnyee ~ . After on phone with her about half an hour once i close my phone then few minutes later nana called me up too . wow is kinda exciting we chat alots of thingy . Finally i knew her face very well and flashback my mind to her omgggg i was so stupid last time . sigghhss . Then we chat and backstap that UNKNOWN is freaking fun ! so after backstapping that UNKNOWN we talks some zhuzai's girlfriend is pretty shake . hahahah . On phone with her almost 1 hour++ . Daddie buy me lunch but he forgotten to buy for sis cause is in school that time . When she came back she tell daddie that she is going out for lunch so i followed her fetch kelly too near stadium there . Sis and kelly had their lunch at the "mushroom stop " there i think you all knew where it is . Fetch kelly home after lunch . Came home quickly take my bathe cause my hair is very very oily cause i have straighten my hair hahaha and i cut my fringe too just like a mushroom . i think that's all for now . BYE

::5 november 2009 ::
::Thursday ::

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Afternoon mom called and asked sister that take me out for lunch then fetch milky and kelly along . Went MCDonal near east we talked alot of differences conversation . Fetch kelly back home to change her clothes cause she need to attend tuition near by yik foong . Decided to go parade because there is a sales in PRIVATE COLOUR too bad when we reach there the shop starting to close because the sales has ended . Me and milky was so dissapointed so we went shibuya to buy clothes at last we bought our clothes at there . Daddie called sister what time she will be home **caring**. After our shopping madnees fetched kelly to tuition and fetched milky home too . Just left us , sister decided to go and photostat some of her school things . While on the way home after fetching milky home it's started raining sister drove her car with fast speed . But at last reach home sister dint go and photostat her things because i say i dont want to go out already cause of the lazyness and tiredness hahahaha . Ron sms me asked me about Ah Ping and Yvonne stuff but actually i dont know to help them because that yvonne i called her several time but she aint to picking up the phone so i called her besties she told me that she always also dont picked up the phone so i just ignore it . Yeahh !! brother is coming back tomorrow almost 1 month dint saw him already kinda miss him . Aunty called me from singapore chats with me i think she miss me alot cause of my crazyness to her hahahaha . I think that's end up here .

:: mindy ::
:: 10.49 PM ::
::28 october 2009 ::